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By using the cinematographic photogram as a starting point for an installation, Gabriela Noujaim puts in subject the statute of the image as something out of the reality where we move ourselves. Where does the virtual space end and where does the concrete one begin? Which is the separation among things and non things? The image is always present, but in different states, going from the solid to the ethereal. Printed by serigraphy, it gains substance and materiality. The face of the actress Liv Ullmann – well known by her characteristic cinematographic phantasmagorias – pass to the tangible state and find itself disposed with prodigal density in an extension of five meters, in the Seventh Seal work.

On the other hand, in the installation The Serpent’s Egg, the image returns to the ephemeral state, of light and vibration, partially observed through the fine layers of fabrics. Located in the middle of the physical space, where two things supposedly cannot occupy the same place at the same time, it only exists as perception. Where does it live the evil that is born from the serpent’s egg, if even the egg does not exist out of our minds?

It does not resist, and dissipates itself in the soft folds of the rebounded image. In the midst of everything else that is going on, persists only the fragile and untouchable light, coming from the creative action, which dominates the dark room. The visitor takes away with him impressions and memories, shadows from the silence that we try before the immanency of the work?

Rafael Cardoso | Extra Muros | Paço Imperial | Rio de Janeiro


The Serpent's Egg | 2007


Size variables

Work by Gabriela Noujaim, exhibited at Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro overhead projection and three pieces of nylon, used the image frame of film Seventh Seal Ingmar Bergman, silkscreen print on nylon strap Moebius

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