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Gabriela Noujaim was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1983. From the age of 12 years old she was already enrolled in The School of Visual Arts (Escola de Artes Visuais - EAV) of Parque Lage.


Her artwork raises questions about the indigenous' socio-environmental ancestral heritage, the protection against assault on a woman's body, stretching constraints of socio-political structures in the Brazilian society. Graduated in Printmaking from the School of Fine Arts of UFRJ in 2007, the artist has been structuring her poetics from the interest in the technical image constructed from videos, photographs and, more initially, the engraving, and by the idea to fix an image in time.

Important exhibitions

Biennial de Macau “Natura", 2020-China;  2019; “Maraca”, Simone Cadinelli Contemporain art Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Verbo 2018 - Gallery Vermelho - Sp, Launch of the book "Gift 2016" International Art Festival - Sp Arte 2017, Anima Auction at Gallery Luisa Strina 2016 -Sp. In 2015 she took part at the group show "Se Liga" at CCBB RJ and the "Technô" project Oi Futuro Flamengo RJ; was a finalist in the 3m Love Songs Festival at the Tomie Ohtake Institute in 2014, SP; participated in the Electronic Language International Festival (FILE) 2013; in 2012 was nominated for Pipa Award; took part at the 64th Salon Paranaense and the exhibition "Young Masters Prize Rupert Cavendish", London, England; in 2011, she received the Honorable Mention in the video art festival "Lumen EX", Badajoz, Spain; and received the Acquisition Prize on the 39th Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Saint Andrea, SP.

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School of Fine Arts of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (EBA-UFRJ), Bachelor of Fine Arts / Engraving - 2007




2013 - Residency at “2 e 1” studio, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

2000 to 2012 - Screen printing certificate with Evany Cardoso, School of Visual Arts (Escola de Artes Visuais - EAV) of Parque Laje, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2012 - In depth studies, EAV, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2011 - Mentoring Art Portifolio with Daniela, Labra, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2005 - 3D Modeling with Iote Freitas, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.




Coletiva Da Escrita Delas, Funarte 2014 Elas Woman Award - Brazil, 2014

Indication for Pipa 2012 award, Brazil - 2012

Lumen Ex Digital Art Award, Talking to Duchamps video, Universidad de Extremadura, Spain - 2011.

39º Contemporany art meeting, acquisition award, Santo Andre, Brazil - 2011.




Capacete/Mam - 2020.

Residency at Armazém - Porto, Portugal - 2015.

Collective Atelier “2 e 1” - Sao paulo, Brazil - 2013.

Collective Estação - Sousa, Brazil - 2013.



Works in Institutionals portfolios

Ibero-American Institute (IAI) - Berlin, Germany.

Sao Paulo Cultural Center - Sao Paulo, Brazil.

EAV - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Museum of Digital Art - Valence, Spain.

Candido Mendes Gallery - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

SESC – Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Belgrano Palace of Arts - Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Post Office Cultural Center – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro Art Museum (MAR), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



Works In particular portfolios

Fabio Szwarcwald - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Eleonora Paes de Carvalho - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rita Mourao - Sao Paulo, Brazil.



Publications in Magazines

2017  Canguru, Literature and Art Magazine.

2011  Art Now (online edition), Lumen EX

2011  Dasartes (Garimpo Selection)

2004  Magazine Bravo , Posição



Biennial Arts

2020 Macau, China

2015 Cerveira, Portugal



Individual Exhibition Resume


“Maraca”, Simone Cadinelli Contemporain art Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Michaela Blanc as the curator.

“Nosso Corpo Feminino”, Banco do Nordeste Cultural Center, Cariri and Souza, both in Brazil.

“Demarcacoes”, Cora Coralina Cultural Center, Goiania, Brazil, Bianca Tinoco as the curator.


“Ao artista de Circo, Bye Bye Brasil” Technô Project, Oi Futuro Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Alberto Saraiva as the curator.

“Bye Bye Brasil, topologia do afeto”, Rezende Assessoria de Arte Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Andre Sheik as the curator.


Light & Shade - Banco do Nordeste Cultural Center,  Cariri and Sousa, both in Brazil, Fabiana as the curator.


"Speaking of Desire" Exibition - Cândido Mendes Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Paulo Sergio Duarte as the curator.



Collective Exhibitions Resumee


“Ovo e a Galinha” Simone Cadinelli Contemporain Art Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


Verbo 2018 – Gallery art Vermelho - Sao Paulo, Brasil, Marcius Galan as the curator.


Exhibition more performance, Oi Futuro Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Caroline Menezes as the curtator.


“Se Liga”, Banco do Brasil Cultural Center, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“Da escrita Delas, Elas”, Lago Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Isabel Sanson Portela and Fabiana de Moraes as the curators.

“11 Abre Alas” Gentil Carioca Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Livia Flores, Michelle Sommer e Daniel Steegmann Mangrané as the curators.


International Woman’s Day - Graphos Gallery Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“Festival Canções de Amor 3m”, Tomie Ohtake Institute, Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Electronic Language International Festival, Sao paulo, Brazil, Ricardo Barreto and Paula Perissinotto as the curators.

"Exhibition of in depth work” EVA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


“Fio Condutor”, Graphos Gallery Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

64th Salon of Parana, Curitiba, Brazil, Denise Bandeira (PR), Lizette Lagnado (RD Congo), Maria Jose Justino (PR), Norma Grimberg (SP), Paulo Herkenhoff (RJ) as curator commission.

“What moves you, what chooses you” - Ápis Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“Young Masters Rupert Cavendish Prize”, London, England.

“Panorama Terra”, Argentine Consulate, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Alexandre Murcci as the curator.


“Videos Discovered” M Gallery, Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Exhibition in Warehouse Tac Art Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Bernardo Mosqueira as the curator.


“River Flows into Ocean”, Murillo La Greca Museum, Recife. Brazil, Fabiana Santos as the curator.


“Between Images”, Largo das Artes Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“Morro das Artes”, Imperial Palace Museum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rafael Cardoso as the curator

“Intervention in Conceição Hill” Art and Heritage Project, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rafael Cardoso as the curator.

“Transverse”, 83, Tiradentes sq., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


“Extra Walls” - Imperial Palace Cultural Centre, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rafael Cardosoas the curator.


Performance, Zona Oculta Cultural Centre, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Helena Wassersten, Lúcia Avancini e Marilou Winograd as the curator.


“Spaces Contact”, EVA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

“Possible Accesses”, EVA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



Book Releases

2018 “Presente 2016”, EVA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2017 - “Presente 2016” - Lounge SP-Arte - São Paulo, Brazil.

2017 - “Presente 2016” - Cool Gallery - Berlin, Germany.

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