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Gabriela Noujaim is one of the most promising young artists based in Rio de Janeiro. Her work is gradually developing from drawing, engraving and the production of conceptual objects to art as performance. In this work, she is interested in understanding and capturing the circus and how the circus interacts with the audience. This is where the artist finds her field of action: images, apparel and body strength are some of the aspects with which she works to recreate messages and give new meanings to the circus. In Projeto Technô, her work starts by paying tribute to circus performers and flows into dreamlike and lyric images, that work as tools to reach a world which is beyond reality.

And this is just the beginning.

Alberto Saraiva - Curator

Bye Bye Brasil Oi Futuro.jpg

Technô Project | 2015

Showcase plotted with images

13 x 1.60 m

Work by Gabriela Noujaim, exhibited at Oi Futuro, Rio de Janeiro

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