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I started my career at early age of thirteen years old. For more than fifteen years I’ve always been working with subjects related to the past. The past few years I’ve been dedicating myself to the use of an image and its importance to art history, picking up artists from the great masters to contemporary art, like Marcel Duchamp.

In 2011 I was awarded with an honorable mention in the Lumen Ex Prize from the Meic Museum, in Badajoz, Spain, for the Talking to Duchamp’s video.

In this video, Duchamp playing chess with a woman that shows up and then disappear a number of times, we have as a backdrop something that at first glance might seem odd - this is not an exception at all for the ready-mades, talking with a tradition
on art appreciation that goes from Aristotle to Kant, arriving in the early twenties to Duchamp, in its most crude and formally included in contemporary art. Duchamp broke with all previous tradition - as in the words of Arthur Danto, bringing the rawness and materiality of the abject, the expectation that awaited the postwar generation, breaking even with the Dadaism.

The mimesis contains a strain which includes the subject/object of desire, the excitement of chocolate, the great masturbator, but the aura of femininity by Marcel Duchamp.

Jorge Gabriel Noujaim

Talking to duchamp | 2010

Video performance


Work by Gabriela Noujaim, Acquisition award in the Lumen Prize_Ex 2011

from Universidad de Extremadura Espanha

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