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"Places I went and I can't be" 

During my quarantine period I made a selection of night images, captured by NASA from different regions of the planet that I would like to be. These regions normally depicted in shades of dark blue, are illuminated by the lights of large cities.

With the advance of the pandemic and social suspension, I, like most of the isolated people in the world, had cancellations of work commitments to different countries. The impossibility of displacement made me create this series of photos called “Places I went and cannot be” portrays an imaginary escape, with a fantastical narrative the displacement of my body to these places that I was unable to attend and also I would like to visit. 

My training is in engraving and always when thinking about a work, I overlay layers, dialoguing with the universe of engraving in an enlarged field.

I've been and couldn't be in 2020 | 2020

Video, 01'

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