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This piece, made through silk screen printing, shows in a sensitive way some defining moments the year of Dilma Roussef’s impeachment. It also shows the publication of an unprecedented letter that reports the violation of human rights especially concerning women’s rights which was handed to chancellor Angela Merkel by Brazilian researchers who lived in Germany then.

The book was a homage that I pay to my mother, Maria Aparecida Domingues dos Santos, who still in her childhood was raped, being a sexual victim made her to develop serious psychologic issues.

On the day of the impeachment vote in the Chamber of Deputies, after l heard what the deputy Jair Bolsonaro said during his speech when he voted, I cried a lot. [he voted for the president Dilma being impeached and by doing so, he made a tribute to her torturer during the military dictatorship, Colonel Ustra. When a Head of State, the country’s president received such aggression, what chances would women like my mother, who are in the bottom line of the social pyramid, have to defend themselves against such a man.


Present 2016 | 2017

Work: Gabriela Noujaim
Book launches: international fair SP art, coGalleries-Berlin and Parque Lage -RJ

Serigraph and ecoline, print 30 copies
Size: 42x29.7cm book, closed
Price of the book: 30% go to help for the public school: Dona Geny Ferreira, localized on Paraíba-Brazil.

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