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The video is marked by the sound of a heartbeat. At a certain point, the artist's silhouette appears in a ghostly way over the Latin American region on the world map. Soon after, in another sequence of images, the projection of a lung radiography on her body and also the audio of her breathing enter. In the photos of the faces of the women wearing the mask, a song plays, which merges with the heartbeat, also marking the measure. The spot on the radiograph, with breathing, is a way to draw attention to a silent virus, which no one sees, and which is overlooked by many heads of state, which aggravates the situation of the pandemic, especially in poor countries like Brazil .

Gabriela Noujaim believes that, as the popular saying goes, “unity is strength”. By showing the group of women in the video, she transforms invisibility. These women, fighting for survival, have their soul marks stamped on the surgical masks and form a single body.

The second stage of the “cov19 Latinamerica” project will bring together a total of 20 women to produce a workbook, which will be launched in digital format, online, by the end of 2020.

Gabriela Noujaim

The Latinamerica 2020 Women | 2020

Video, 03'20"

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