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My name is Gabriela Noujaim and I am a visual artist, I live and work in Rio de Janeiro. In a country where violence comes in many forms - urban, ethnic, gender and environmental violence - it is important to call attention to the preservation of the indigenous culture that still survives. And now they are facing yet another threat: Brazilian authorities are considering revising the demarcation of indigenous territories already granted. In view of the ancestral role of indigenous nations in the formation of Brazil, I try to give a new meaning to the process they went through, with the aim of spreading their teachings about the multiethnicity of the people and their relationship with the environment. In 2017 and 2018, once a week, I was able to meet Guajajara women in an urban indigenous village called Aldeia Maracanã, next to the famous soccer stadium in Rio de Janeiro. My objective is to present, through silkscreen printing techniques, some moments and knowledge acquired during these meetings.

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